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I'm Looking contains thousands of people across New Zealand interested to hear about possible job opportunities.

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Request the contact details of Job Seekers – if your request is accepted details are exchanged, where you are then free to explore job opportunities on a no obligation basis. It's that simple.

5 good reasons to use I'm Looking...

  1. The best people don't often apply for jobs. By using I'm Looking you have access to thousands who may not be actively applying for jobs.
  2. Save on traditional recruitment and advertising costs by finding people yourself and when it suits you – we're online and 24 x 7.
  3. Use I'm Looking as an alternative sourcing channel – don't just rely on traditional job boards or expensive media advertising to attract people.
  4. No obligation or hidden costs – we only facilitate an introduction to Job Seekers. You are then free to engage from that point on.
  5. We'll preload you with 20 Credits (4 requests) so you can trial our service for free. Should you wish to connect with additional Job Seekers you can purchase Credits at any time.

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