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I'm Actively Looking

"Pharmacist/Supervisor at Watsons" looking in Westland
But I'm willing to relocate anywhere

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I'm Looking for Work For Free per annum , I'm Looking for Full Time or Permanent work and I'm willing to relocate anywhere

My Details

  • My Looking Status: I'm Actively Looking
  • My Current Status: I'm Currently Employed
  • My Work Preference: I'm Looking for Full Time or Permanent work
  • I'm Looking For: Work For Free per annum
  • My Availability: Immediately
  • Legal Work Status: Applying for New Zealand Work Permit

My Keywords

My Ideal Job

Where I could enhance my field of expertise and where I could work until I reach my elderly age.

My Points of Difference

I have a high level of Adaptability. Fast learner.

My Career / Experience Overview

I worked at a Hospital establishment for 8 months as a Pharmacist. I checked the prepared medications by the pharmacy assistants before dispensing. Dispense, compound prescriptions, and do counselling. I also interact with other health care providers regarding the medication of the patients.

Currently, I am working at Watsons Personal Care Store. It is a retail pharmacy. I do more counselling and interact with different customers. I manage pharmacy personnels and the pharmacy sales and inventory. I also always monitor the documents for FDA visit.

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