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I'm Actively Looking

"Isabel" looking in Marlborough
But I'm willing to relocate anywhere

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I'm Looking for $100k - $119k per annum , I'm Looking for Full Time or Permanent work and I'm willing to relocate anywhere

My Details

  • My Looking Status: I'm Actively Looking
  • My Current Status: I'm Currently Employed
  • My Work Preference: I'm Looking for Full Time or Permanent work
  • I'm Looking For: $100k - $119k per annum
  • My Availability: Negotiable
  • Legal Work Status: None of the above, but I'd love to work in New Zealand!

My Ideal Job

It would make me deal with a lot of people of different departments and even other companies. Maybe it would be necessary to travel and I would make up some software to make it easier to manage and more practical.

My Points of Difference

I'm proactive and I like to solve not only the problems I'm concerned but also the problems I detect in the organization (I can analize any process and propose improvements or solutions).

My Career / Experience Overview

I'm an aeronautical engineer with an MBA. I love working in business area and this is what I have ever done. The last 9 years I have been Head of Grants of a large business group.

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