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I'm Actively Looking

"ABA Therapist / Educator" looking in Auckland City
But I'm willing to relocate anywhere

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I'm Looking for $16 - $18 per hour , I'm Looking for Full Time or Permanent work and I'm willing to relocate anywhere

My Details

  • My Looking Status: I'm Actively Looking
  • My Current Status: I'm Currently Employed
  • My Work Preference: I'm Looking for Full Time or Permanent work
  • I'm Looking For: $16 - $18 per hour
  • My Availability: Immediately
  • Legal Work Status: New Zealand Permanent Resident

My Keywords

My Ideal Job

My ideal job is something I could hone my potential as Behavioral Analyst and Educator at the same time. A job wherein I could share my skills, knowledge to other people for them to have a happy and well-lived life.

My Points of Difference

I am a self-sufficient, goal driven, resilient, and patient individual who wants nothing but to extend the skills and knowledge I possess to other people. I always give my whole being when it comes to work, I make it a point that I give my 100% to my job.

My Career / Experience Overview

I have a four years experience working with kids both regular and those kids with special needs. I worked as a Lead Teacher in a Preschool and then I became an ABA Therapist

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