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I'm Actively Looking

"Student" looking in North Shore City

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I'm Looking for $13 - $15 per hour , I'm Looking for Temporary / Casual work

My Details

  • My Looking Status: I'm Actively Looking
  • My Current Status: I'm Currently Employed
  • My Work Preference: I'm Looking for Temporary / Casual work
  • I'm Looking For: $13 - $15 per hour
  • My Availability: Immediately
  • Legal Work Status: New Zealand Citizen

My Keywords

My Ideal Job

A job that other high school students my age are doing.

My Points of Difference

I am hard working and have experience from my dads business.

My Career / Experience Overview

I worked for Mad Dogs and Englishmen as kitchenhand. Meanwhile for a couple of years working for my dad when he needed help.

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